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There are many different applications Get A Grip stair treads can be applied to
Stairs, Hot tub decks, Boat Ramps, Marinas, Wharfs, Parks & Trails, Any wooden Surfaces, Some Cement Surfaces, Easy To Clean, Custom Sizes Available

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This is Real Stories of Get-A-Grip Stair Treads Part 1

This is Real Stories of Get-A-Grip Stair Treads Part 2

Get a grip safety stair treads are a narrow two inch strip of stainless steel mesh about 24 inches long, easy to install about two-inches back from the edge of each stair with stainless steel screws .


Get A Grip

Safety Stair Treads

Are the Affordable safety stair tread !

You get 6 Get A Grip Safety Stair Treads plus enough stainless steel screws to securely fasten each stair tread to any wooden surface .

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"Our backyard hot tub is surrounded with a wooden deck. While getting out of the tub one evening, I slipped and fell against the side of the tub. Upon hearing about the stainless steal treads, I had them installed immediately. I have never slipped since. I would not hesitate to install these on my next hot tub deck. "


Shanon Schnider

Maple Ridge, B.C.





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